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First, a little bit about Zoomshare!

Our Zoomshare service provides individuals with an easy way to create their own personal web site and share their site with others. Included with this free service, is a menu of popular online applications for creating dynamic, interactive web sites that serve as communication hubs for families, organizations, and other groups. These applications include photo sharing capability, a two-way Web journal (blog), tools for developing free-form content pages, and tools to promote your web site. Paid upgrades add features such as shopping carts and additional storage capabilities.

Getting In Touch With Us Or Seeking Help

In an effort to assist our growing Zoomshare community, we've provided different avenues to receive assistance and options to get in touch with us.  We ask that you read the following information so that you are certain to use the appropriate option to contact us and receive help.  By doing so, this will help us to help you! 

First, before contacting Zoomshare, we do advise our users to check our
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section found both in your tools (the lower right-hand corner when you sign in) or you may visit the  following link here.

All users can seek help via these other options:

Our Zoomshare forums allows you to browse through various topics that have been discussed and shared with our users. Visit this
link to browse some of the topics that have been discussed. 

Fill out our contact form located at this
link.  Remember to include all the necessary details that we will need in order to help you.  we will need your full web site address and a clear description of what the challenge is.  Also remember to provide any error messages you may have encountered.

Send us an e-mail at
customerservice[AT]zoomshare[DOT]com.  As mentioned, please remember that in order ot help you. 

Browse this web site!  We plan to continuously add more content to this web site to provide you with tips, tricks, video help and more. 

Upgrade/Paid Zoomshare Users

If you still have the need to get in touch with Zoomshare, please note that telephone support is available to our paid users only.  You will need to provide us with your complete web site address and we may ask you for other information that would include your name, e-mail address or any other contact information we may need in order to assist you. The toll-free number is 877-496-7571, or you may e-mail us at customerservice[AT]zoomshare[DOT]com.  Please note that our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm CST, and that we do not provide support on weekends.

Coming Soon!

We will soon be asking for your suggestions as to what type of help or issues you would like us to address on this site.  So come back soon for more updates! 


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