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User Spotlight

Member Since:  11/2006
Interviewed by Sare

SareThanks so much for agreeing to do this interview with me. You and I had corresponded in the past, and I’d long admired your work. One day, after viewing one of your gorgeous photographs on, I thought: “I should approach Stuart and asked him to do an interview for Zoomshare!” Bingo! A light went off. ;)

Let’s begin… With as many photos as I’m sure you’ve taken, I have to start by asking why you chose Zoomshare to display them? Also, how did you find us?

Stuart:  A model I worked with had a zoomshare portfolio. I liked the choice of layouts and simple maintenance required.

Sare:   How did you first become involved in photography?

Stuart:  I wanted to be a portrait photographer, but could not find any family or friends to pose for me. Stumbled upon aspiring models via the internet.

Sare: What type of camera do you have? What enhancements to the technology of the camera, if any, do you use to capture motion so effectively?
Stuart: I started out with a simple 35mm film camera and progressed to a digi point and shoot. Now days a Canon SLR. No enhancements to the camera. I just use a studio flash to stop dancers in the air!

Your website home page lists the types of photography you do, and personally, I especially love your dance photography. Your capture of motion is striking. What sorts of photos/subject matter are your preference to shoot?
Stuart: I’ll shoot anything! But I do like dancers, because good dancers have spent their whole life learning how to hold themselves and express emotion with their body. The costumes can be pretty amazing too!

SareThough I don’t know much about photography myself, I can imagining that lighting is an important element to get correct in a great photo. What is your philosophy on the use of light? How do you help and coach the people you shoot to “find the light”?

Time of day, is very important. The golden hour at the begining and end of each day. Beautiful! Also, in Sydney the best time of year is May to June. The days are short but the light is soft, the cold wind blows the brown hazy smog away and the sky is bright blue. Shadows play an important part as well. It creates mood and you can conceal what you don’t want to be seen and allow the light to show the flattering and beautiful elements.

How are your photographic images and a Zoomshare website a good fit?

Stuart:  Easy way to show people my projects and fave images. Perfect!

Sare:  You have a number of Zoomshare websites with us. How do you promote them?

StuartI have calling cards with my web address, I also use a couple of website forums to chat about photography.

:  What is your favorite thing about our service?

Stuart Easy to use and good layout.

What would you like to see changed and enhanced?

Stuart:  Bulk upload would be fantastic!

Do you have a final thought to convey to the community?
Stuart:   Capture the moment before it is a memory!

We will showcase a different member every couple of months, so check back again soon!

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