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oogle Optimization 101:  Part 2
By Sare
If you need to download Part 1 of this series, please  click here.

    In our first Google optimization article, we covered the basics of the way Google ranks web sites, and the importance of a relevant web site title.  In this second installment, we will address the image ALT attribute.  Adding ALT attributes to the images in your zoomshare pages associates text with the images on the page, to help Google and other search engines find out what your images are.

Importance of the Image ALT Attribute
    The ALT attribute of an image is also alternate text which your site visitors can see when they have images disabled in their web browsers.  It also adds a tooltip, or supplemental information, to an image when a user passes a cursor over an image.  The following image displays what a tooltip looks like, made possible by the ALT attribute having been previously added to the image.


The following is what the same image looks like in a browser with picture-showing disabled, the text again being made possible by the addition of the ALT attribute to the image:


    The image ALT attribute is also especially helpful to people with problems seeing images, and to those who are blind.  The text which is displayed in place of the images gives them an idea of what is on the page.
    Your ALT attribute text should be a relevant, short, simply descriptive phrase, or the title of the image.  For example of ideal ALT text, we have included another sample image below-  a picture of important baseball bats including the ALT text, “Four historically significant baseball bats”.  Ideally, ALT text should not longer than the example shown below.

Four historically significant baseball bats

How to Add ALT Text to The Images In Your zoomshare Page

1)    Insert an image into a page of your site.
2)    Select the image by clicking your left mouse button once.

You will know that your image has been selected when it is outlined with small squares which appear on the edge and corners of the image, as shown below.

Four historically significant baseball bats

3)     To add the ALT text, either double click the image, or press the ‘Image Properties’ button in your web page editor toolset, which looks like this  Image Properties Icon .
4)     You will be presented with a small pop-up screen entitled ‘Insert/Edit Image’.  From here, you can add the ALT text to the ‘Image description field’, and modify other aspects of the image such as the Alignment and Dimensions.  An example of what this screen looks like is shown below. 

Image Properties Dialog Box

5)     After adding the ALT text to the ‘Image Description’ field, be sure to click ‘Update’.  When done make changes to the page, be sure to click the small blue icon that resembles a floppy disk, which looks like this  Save Icon .

Submit Your URL to Google

    After optimizing your site, remember to submit your site address to Google at to add to their index the next time they crawl the web.  Please note that this is not a guarantee that your site will appear in Google’s index, and it can take two to eight weeks for it to be listed.  We do not recommend submitting your site address to Google more often than once per month, for doing so can cause Google to ban your site from their index.

additional helpful online resources, view the suggested sites in the Site Promotion category of the Useful Links page.  Please note, we do not specifically endorse, nor we are for responsible for any of the companies and their actions.  We are simply providing the links for your convenience.

Click here to download this artcle.


If you need to download Part 1 of this series, please  click here.

We will be providing search engine optimization tips and information on other assorted ways to promote your web site on an ongoing basis, so please check back soon for more information.

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FYI - How this page was created:

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