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Thu, 02 Aug 2007
Check Out Digg!

Some Zoomies may have noticed a slight change to the ZoomshareToolbar, a new link called Digg this Page. "What", you may have asked yourself, "is that all about?" Well here's the low down, with the new link you and your viewers can 'Digg' one or more pages on a Zoomshare site.

"Ok, cool", I hear you thinking, "but what does that mean?" Well, if you appreciate a page or website you see on Zoomshare and wish to share it with others, who may also appreciate it, you can 'digg it'. Digging a site is akin to voting for a site, as the Digg website puts it: "Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on, [its] a place where people can collectively determine the value of content."

"Hmm. Sounds neat, can you give me a for instance?" Sure, ok, let's say you're crazy mad for cricket. No, not the girl down the street named Cricket, the game. You know plenty of others who want to be up on the latest, but let's face it, here in the States you just aren't going to find news on the most recent Test match going on Down Under in the local paper. While surfing for the latest 411 you come across eCric on Zoomshare. Nice right? Some Zoomie has taken the time to publish all the latest and the ability to watch a match or two to boot!

"Yeah, I'm with ya'... I can digg it?" Exactly, just give the Digg this Page a click as you see here:


"Um, what up? I get this login screen?"


That's right, if you have a Digg account already you can login, otherwise you'll need to follow the Join Now

"Oh, ok, gotcha yea, so I'm loggin' in... Now what?" Now you can Digg your choice site. If no one else has dugg the page yet, then as the first, you'll need to provide some details about it. Otherwise you have a few options. You can simply Digg It to place your vote, leave a comment, blog it and/or email it.


You'll know your vote has been tallied when the Digg It link changes to Dugg. You can also see what sites you've dugged by checking out your Digg profile.

"So I can Digg my own Zoomshare site, right?" Absolutely, but you can only vote once per digg entry. Besides simply submitting pages from your own site ain't gonna' cut it. Others have to find what you've submitted interesting, interesting enough to vote for your submission and in turn bring your site to the attention of others. Also, be wary of what you submit, others can 'Bury' your posting just as easy if they don't like what you've submitted.

Can you Digg this Page? "Aw yea, now I'm diggin' Zoomshare!"
Posted 13:54


Oh, Yea
Oh, Yea Man, I Dugg It!
Posted by pdw

Great Work
I can Digg it too!
Posted by B

Without any prior experience with this, I was able to Digg it too. :)
Posted by Sare

yop !!!
pfff perhaps I'can do that hah
Posted by arben

Digg it.
I'm the diggen king. DUDE!!!
Posted by Mathwizard

We appreciate the comments. Some additional information on Digg is coming. PDW added noted some additional information for sites that have upgraded to Zoomshare Plus!

WHATS UP ZOOMSHARE you are looking beautiful today,thanks for being the greatest website to ever go to thanks! is not coming up under browser searches. as a result, users are missing out on this great website. Please let me know how we can get this going. Your the best. Thanks for your service.
address I sent 3 comments 1st one explaining site and requested help disappeared. Ineed help setting up chat rooms, live jams, live instructions, Includes guitar instructions-usually 30-40 per hour. This will be free during 1st hundred member build up, then increase as services are added. increase will be slowly. .99 to 1.99 prob a max of 9.99 per mo thru paypal.

help again
I can no longewr get into my email address Some other user seems to have take over my wesite and it is no longer accesible to me. Please respond to since is not working at the moment. Thanks folks

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